("The Twin Monkeys" by Sabina Hahn)

'The Twin Monkeys' | Circle Round 115

Julia Nickson (Rambo: First Blood Part II, The Unbidden) and YouTuber Lizzy Capri headline this Tibetan and Burmese tale about finding treasure, playing tricks, and monkeying around.

22:368 hours ago
("The Basilisk's Stare" by Sabina Hahn)

'The Basilisk’s Stare' | Circle Round 114

In this tale inspired by a Polish legend, Nabiyah Be (Black Panther, Daisy Jones & The Six) and Evan Whitten (The Resident, Mr. Robot) face off against a fantastical creature whose gaze turns people to stone.

17:57Nov 17, 2020
("The Fantastic Fiddle" by Sabina Hahn)

'The Fantastic Fiddle' | Circle Round 113

This Hispanic tale from the Southwest U.S. stars Adam Irigoyen (Away, Shake It Up) as a fiddler whose magical instrument brings the world to its feet, and the guilty to their knees.

22:50Nov 10, 2020
("Little Frog’s Big Voice" by Sabina Hahn)

'Little Frog’s Big Voice' | Circle Round 112

Dyllón Burnside (POSE, Prideland) and Tony nominee Alex Brightman (Beetlejuice, School of Rock - The Musical) co-star in this Australian story about small critters, giant egos, and why frogs croak.

18:35Nov 3, 2020
(Courtesy Sabina Hahn)

'The Olive Jar' | Circle Round 108

Maggie Siff (Billions, Mad Men), Santino Fontana (Tootsie, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), and Denim Richards (Yellowstone, The Chickasaw Rancher) co-star in this Northern African/Middle Eastern/Jewish tale about spoiled olives and fresh starts.

23:32Sep 29, 2020
(Sabina Hahn for WBUR)

'Little Cu' | Circle Round 106

Desmin Borges (You're The Worst, Utopia) plays a tiny bird with an ever-growing ego in this playful story with roots in Mexico and Puerto Rico.

22:54Sep 15, 2020

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